Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests


Augusta King- pacemaker & broken foot; with her daughter Norma

Walker (awaiting organ transplant) & his mother, Candy (MS)

Zane Hendrickson- recovery from heart issues and stroke

Lorraine Billings (Velvet’s sister)- broken hip surgery & rehab

Richard Dobbs (Chuck’s BIL)- mini stroke and partially paralyzed

Margaret Mingus (Debbie’s mother)- broken rib and panic attacks, speech issues

Mary Gail Wilder- injury to brain stem & memory issues

Dale & Betty Jenkins- Dale stroke

Angie Branson Dreyhaupt (daughter of Judy Combest)- Cancer & chemo

Karli (Debbie’s granddaughter)- having therapy for continuing health issues

Ron & June Skaggs- recuperation

Linda Danheiser- illness& tests, overnight hospital stay coming up

Pat Mulcahy (Gadient’s cousin)- cancer

Debra Hoda- peace of mind

Those who have lost loved ones and struggling to find peace: 

Those needing a church family will feel welcomed, comfortable, and supported at FCC

–        Jason & Paige Warren, prospects


People affected by the condo collapse in Florida

Haiti people in the assassination of their President

Expansion of Prayer in our church

Provide healing and forgiveness for all relationships

Continued progress of Church Website revisions and podcasts

Discernment of God’s direction at the Regional level during transition

Covid 19 issues

Church direction, transition & opportunities at FCC (and all other faith communities)

Issues affecting our Community, State, Country, and World (espec. tension in Israel)

Increased kindness, mutual respect for one another, tolerance & acceptance


Recall the ways you have seen God’s hand at work in your life and world recently and give thanks.


First Christian Extended Prayer Concern List:  On the church’s website or The Spirit.


Lord Jesus, most of all, we pray for your never changing presence walking with us daily in the light of your love.  Help us to be an instrument of your peace, your compassion, and your love.   AMEN


As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

We are a Table people–transformed by its grace, living in its light, and sent in service to others.